How I work

I am a person-centred psychotherapist.

Person-centred counselling/psychotherapy is a humanistic approach, based on the work of Carl Rogers. At the core of this approach is the belief that all human beings have the innate capacity to heal, grow, and lead constructive and fulfilling lives. However, our environment and circumstances can impede our natural tendency towards health and our desirable ways of living.

I aim to facilitate and support your exploration of your difficulties and causes of distress, so that you can move towards healing and development. I do not seek to impose anything on you, nor can I give you advice and ready-made solutions. I intend to co-create with you a confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, in which you are accepted and understood.

In this safe space, you can explore and make sense of your feelings, thoughts, and aspects of your self or your experiences that might have been hard to talk about before. During therapy, you can have the opportunity to find answers to fundamental questions: Do you know who you are? Do you understand what’s happened to you? What do you want to change?

As individuals, we tend to make healthy choices when we understand ourselves better. By gaining more understanding and acceptance of yourself, and more insight into the context of your current situation, you are more likely to find your own way forward and resolutions.